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Sutcliffe Laser Flat Shield

The Sutcliffe Laser Flat Shield is an instrument completely non-glare intended to protect the mucous, skin and eyelids. It may also be used as a handler, retractor or backstop during tissue excision. The Sutcliffe is not fastened to the patient and is a smooth instrument.

You can shield eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, freckles, lips, gums, teeth, etc. and any tissue (deep or superficial) needing protection. Useful during skin resurfacing, incisional procedures, skin depigmentation, etc. In surgery, it can serve as an instrument for retracting tissue and as a backstop. You will discover many uses for it.

Autoclavable, these are durable, low maintenance instruments.

Item# 21-275

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Sutcliffe Laser Flat Shield